Welcome to Helen M Stevens' fine art embroidery website. Helen has been a professional textile artist for over 30 years... explore this site to find examples of her original artwork, books, downloadable tutorials, exquisite cards and postcards.

With the arrival of a new year, 2015, Helen’s work is taking on a new aspect … as well as maintaining the ethic and concept of earlier decades.  Continuing her “open ended Sabbatical” from teaching, Helen is concentrating on recapturing the excitement and innovation of being an independent artist.  This “cornucopia” of good things is reflected in her first artwork of the year:

This study fulfils two criteria.  It is a design which Helen created over 25 years ago for her first book “The Embroiderers Countryside” but which was only ever published as a line drawing.  For all that time, she has been asked “Why don’t you work it?”  The answer: Who knows?  But now the time has been found to be right.  Those who follow Helen’s popular Facebook page, “Helen M. Stevens’ True Embroideries”, will know that she has promised to publish it as a full design when her followers reach the magic 5000… which can’t be far away, as there are now only around 100 to be added before that figure is reached.

Whilst not undertaking “live” teaching engagements, Helen is pleased to announce that the long awaited new editions of many of her most popular designs will soon by published by Vivebooks.  Keep an eye on the “Downloads” page to be at the head of the queue.  The study at the top of this update is just one of a dozen or more such delights.